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More can sometimes be less-less of an impact, less effective, less beauty to behold. So expressed M-A-C Cosmetics Senior VP of Make-up Artistry, Gordon Espinet, when he on December 17 conducted a workshop for professional make-up artists at the M-A-C Store, The Falls at West Mall. The session was attended by make-up artists working in television, print media, with studios and other areas of the beauty industry.

For his workshop, Espinet did make-up on the face of a young woman named Adaeze Clarke, taking his audience step by step along the journey from a washed clean face to the finished look. As he applied the various products on Clarke, Espinet explained in detail what he was doing as well as why he was not doing some things or even applying certain products.

Espinet invited his audience to come up for closer looks at the process and progress and to stop him at any point to ask questions or query his procedure and technique. The man clearly knows his craft and based on his interaction with the audience and the witty comments he made from time to time, Espinet would also do well as a stand-up comic.

Advice Espinet gave the participants included that one should not go applying products on a person’s face simply because it’s available. Frugal use of product and colour can make for the perfect look, while too much of anything can cause the face to look like a painting, which Espinet said he does not like. He prefers a face to maintain its human texture and natural look.

He explained to a woman who asked about the shortfalls of airbrushing that he was not into airbrushing because while the cosmetic companies have improved on the product, the hardware used to apply remained the same over the past 40 years, which means the application process is still far

from perfect.

To a question about powder darkening when other products were applied to the face, Espinet replied that once one adds oil, water or any liquid to powder it will darken because that’s its nature.

He further pointed out that with the advancement in foundation products one need not use too much powder over foundation to set it as it now does not come off easily. On the question of shine, Espinet said, ’Shine is good’ in the right places such as at the tip of the nose, shoulders and jowls.

As he neared the end of the process, Espinet advised that one should not put too much colour on the eyelids and choose the colours being used carefully ensuring that they blend with other areas on the face. He believes one can never use too much mascara as he used it liberally on Clarke, cautioning that the right brushes must be used in the application.

After a little blush, Espinet was finished and Clarke’s face glowed exhibiting near perfection with hardly any signs that she had just sat through a near hour-long makeup session.

Rather than drastically change Clarke’s appearance, Espinet’s work accentuated the young woman’s facial structure and added colour to highlight her natural beauty. The products used by Espinet are available exclusively at the M-A-C Store at The Falls at West Mall.

Also, should you be interested in lending assistance to children with HIV/AIDS, M-A-C Cosmetics also has a line of greeting cards entitled ’Kids Helping Kids’. All proceeds from sale of these cards go towards children in need of help. Created by the company in 1994, the greeting cards are all designed by children ages three-years-old to 15-years-old, some of who are HIV-positive. The cards are available at the M-A-C Store.

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