Women of color need sun block too

It is true that people of color—compared to Caucasians— have a natural boost against the sun’s harmful UV rays because of the amount of melanin that lives in dark skin. It’s not true, however, that people of color are not at risk of having sun damaged skin. Sun block is important for all people regardless of skin tone. Many people of color first find evidence of skin cancer in places like the soles of their feet, mouth, and genitals.

Additionally, many women of color suffer from melasma, or discoloration of the skin, too. Although melasma is not deadly, it is discouraging because the dark spots appears on the face, most commonly the forehead and cheeks. Melasma is more common among women of color than Caucasian women.

There is an excellent site by Dr. Susan Taylor called brownskin.net that talks about these issues in more depth. I suggest you check it out to learn about skin conditions, treatments, and issues affecting women of color.

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